Light modeling

Yasa Lighting specialists will help you create the optimal model for interior, architectural and landscape lighting.

Execution consists of several stages:

  1. Collection of information about the object.

    The customer provides an architectural plan. It can be a plan of a room, a building or a landscape.

  2. Object modeling.

    Accounting for many factors that affect the design work (shape and location of furniture, weather conditions, color and texture of interior processing, geometry, and much more.

  3. Selection of lighting.

    We create a preliminary list of equipment according to the specified characteristics from the architectural plan or offer our own options.

  4. Arrangement of lighting.

    Schematically arrange the equipment on the layout.

  5. Performing lighting calculations.

    Calculation of artificial and natural illumination.

Upon completion of the work, the Customer receives a 3d visualization of the lighting of the room and a visualization of the distribution of light.

Why us:

  • We carry out full integration of lighting into architecture and interior.
  • We carry out lighting modeling using modern technologies in the Dialux program.
  • We follow the trends in the lighting equipment market and its diversity, new technologies and trends. We know the specifics of lighting manufacturers and luminaire designers.

We can comprehensively solve the customer’s tasks from A to Z, thanks to a staff of professional employees who are ready to go to the site, collect the necessary technical data, prepare 3d visualization, calculate the illumination and provide the finished project for implementation.

We carry out lighting modeling of rooms, outdoor areas, industrial premises, roads, sports grounds, stadiums.

High-quality modeling and lighting calculation are the key to a successfully implemented project.