Light engineering designing

Light engineering designing – integrated engineering solutions from Yasa Lighting.

After the lighting modeling stage, we are developing an energy efficient project for implementation. It includes the following works:

  1. The cable routing path is determined. The required length is calculated.
  2. An electrical project is being prepared and drawn. A diagram of the laying of cable routes is being drawn.
  3. Sketched drawings of equipment attachment units, layout of equipment with reference to the building are created.
  4. Electrical calculations in progress. The load that the network will receive from lighting, cable section, number and composition of power supply boards is calculated, protection against electric shock is provided. Schematic diagrams of power supply and control are being developed.
  5. Automation and a light control system are planned. Creating action scenarios.
  6. A detailed specification is created with prices for equipment and materials.
  7. Estimate for electrical work.
  8. A ready-made project for the customer is formed. If necessary, documents shall be approved by state bodies.
  9. The project is ready for implementation.

We can comprehensively solve the customer’s tasks from A to Z, thanks to the staff of professional employees ready to go to the facility, collect the necessary technical data, prepare 3D visualization, calculate illumination, provide a finished project for execution, perform electrical installation work